Client(s) is a person or organization using the services by Service provider(s).

Service Provider(s) is the company (DELMAN, d.o.o.) and its associate(s).

Offer is a proposed service made by Service Provider(s), usually with price/value indicated.

Contract is binding document between Client(s) and Service Provider(s) for their services and obligations.

Trip is the service provided by the Service Provider(s), consisting transport and other services included in the contract.


Availability is based by first-come-first-served basis. This means unless the client(s) had confirmed and transferred the deposit (see DEPOSIT), the service provider(s) still avail(s) themselves to other potential clients.

Even though the client(s) had confirmed and transferred the required deposit, but to an unavailable time slot, the service provider(s) had the right to cancel or amend the provided offer and the client(s) would be refunded (see CANCELLATIONS) if eligible.

Changes of the trip’s date does not alter offer’s validity (see OFFER VALIDITY) and subject to availability and price change.


Offer validity is specified in each offer. When an offer expired, a new offer can be provided and subject to availability and price change. Changes of the trip’s date does not alter offer’s validity.

Service Provider(s) reserve the right not to observe offer validity if other Client(s) had confirmed reservation(s) on the same dates of the trip(s), rendering their unavailability. However, Service Provider(s) may be required to communicate their availabilities (see AVAILABILITY).


A 40% refundable deposit (see CANCELLATIONS) transferred by the client(s) is needed as a guarantee to reserve the service before offer validity expires, otherwise no reservation is made.


The client(s) reserve the right to cancel the service. Please note that a one-time 120€ administration and bank transfer fee is applicable for all cancellations.

  • Cancellation up to 31 days before trip commencement, 90% of deposit is refundable.
  • Cancellation made between 7 until 30 days before trip commencement, 50% of deposit is refundable.
  • Cancellation made between 3 until 6 days before trip commencement, 25% of deposit is refundable.
  • Cancellation made 2 days before or later will forfeit the deposit.

Cancellation of the trip because of Force Majeure (e.g. natural disaster, terrorism, etc.) will be reviewed case by case.

Cancellation due to change of dates will be reviewed case by case.


Traveling on the trip implies consent to all Service Provider’s terms and conditions. By reserving, Client(s) agree to the following:

  • All trip has inherent risk, either directly due to the nature of activities, or due to the area of travel.
  • By reserving the trip, client(s) are indicating that they have agreed to Service Provider’s Terms & Conditions and are agreeing to the waiver of liability.


I/we release NaikDelman or its associates, each and every driver, employee, and agent of NaikDelman or its associates from any and all claims and causes of action that I/we may have against the company or persons, by reason of any accident, illness, injury, death, or other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from or in any manner arising out of, or in connection with participation in this trip.

Submitting a reservation along with a payment will constitute acceptance of these terms. Submitting the booking is intended to bind not only the client(s) but also their successors, heirs, representatives, administrators, and assigns.



Client(s) is responsible for having passport(s) with minimum of 6 months remaining validity and securing the required visa(s) necessary for travel.

Cancellation because of passport and/or visa problem will be considered as regular cancellation made by Client(s) (see CANCELLATION).


Client(s) is expected to comply with local laws and respect local traditions. If Client(s) is deemed unruly and a risk to the safety of the driver or Service Provider(s), Service Provider(s) reserves the right to cancel the contract and secure vehicle(s) or any rental equipment(s) provided. Service Provider(s) is not responsible for further costs incurred by the guest.


Service Provider(s) assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivering luggage to Client(s). Luggage turned over for transport each day is done so at the client’s own risk. Luggage insurance is recommended.


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